The Process

Digital Interior Manufacturing®


The Process

Digital Interior Manufacturing®


Rethinking Interior Architecture and Manufacturing

At CORA, we use our proprietary Digital Interior Manufacturing (d.i.m.) process to turn the ideas of our customers and their designers into reality. This universal solution utilizes standardized 3D data across all process steps. As early as the planning phase – which is fully digital, we can create a true-to-life overview of all project deliverables. In addition, partly parametric modeling allows us to rapidly implement changes in the planning process. All details are then checked and approved digitally before any work is carried out. Almost all components are premanufactured using digital production techniques. Our precise logistical processes ensure that all components and materials are delivered for assembly on time, anywhere in the world. These premanufactured components then only have to be assembled on site. As such, this entire process offers a host of benefits compared with the traditional approach to exclusive interior design.

Digital Interior Manufacturing (d.i.m.) is based on an end-to-end digital data model that covers every step of a project from digitally mapping the current space through planning to production and assembly.

D.I.M - Process

3D scan
World wide
On site

A Superior Working Process

Step 1

3D scans

Before kicking off the planning process, we sit down with our customers and their designers to define the precise requirements, goals, budgets and timelines for each project. The key to highly precise planning and subsequent production processes lies in digital scanning. We use the latest laser technology to generate an exact 3D digital twin of the existing structure and space. This information forms the basis for subsequent planning and production steps. This approach enables us to capture every detail – no matter how small – that could have an impact on the overall design further down the line. It also provides us with an exact record of the building.

Step 2

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Even with extremely complex designs, our end-to-end 3D CAD model gives us the full picture, mapping all steps involved in the planning and production of luxurious interiors for your living space. Our intelligent software environment means we can even process highly complex geometric structures at any time. Naturally, we are also expert at free-form designs and can deliver these extremely efficiently. Building on our long-standing experience and state-of-the-art technologies, our approach to modeling is highly efficient and systematic, delivering extremely precise 3D CAD models for further processing.

Step 3

Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

Taking a design from the virtual drawing board to the finished product is a challenge. But it’s one that CORA’s DIGITAL INTERIOR MANUFACTURING (d.i.m.) process elegantly masters. We seamlessly transition final designs from the computer through production to assembly, delivering an end result to customers that exactly aligns with the original 3D model.   Wherever possible, we use Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) technologies during production to ensure every detail is accurately reproduced, especially when working with highly complex geometric structures and special materials. Alongside five-axis milling machines and robots, laser and water cutters and cutting plotters, we even use 3D printers to produce individual components. Backed by an extensive network of partners specialized in the most varied of skilled trades and manufacturing processes, we can meet almost any design challenge, delivering incomparable quality standards and attention to detail across the widest range of materials. In short, we have everything it takes to turn interiors into breathtaking works of art.

Step 4

Global Logistics

CORA coordinates and optimizes the entire logistics process flow to ensure that all components are at the right place, at the right time – anywhere in the world. Our specialists work exclusively with renowned transport companies and take care of everything, ensuring that products are carefully packed, transported, cleared by customs and, if necessary, correctly stored until they are required. All parts are premanufactured and shipped to ensure they arrive just in time and in the right sequence for assembly. This seamless logistics workflow ensures components can be assembled smoothly and rapidly on site.

Step 5


All individual parts are assembled and monitored by experts who were involved in the entire DIGITAL INTERIOR MANUFACTURING (d.i.m.) process from the start. They are familiar with every aspect of the overall project and help maintain high levels of continuity and quality, every step of the way. After assembly, architects and experts from CORA check the quality of the finished product and approve it internally. They have to make sure that every detail has been executed exactly as planned in the 3D model. The character, function, esthetics and atmosphere of each room must perfectly align with the requirements set out in our original discussions with customers and their designers. We only hand over a project once all of these checkboxes have been unconditionally ticked, presenting customers with an architectural work of art that is as unique and luxurious as it is comfortable and inviting.


Minimal Interfaces

We use standardized, end-to-end data formats to eliminate interface risks – from the first step to completion of a project.

Outstanding Precision

When it comes to execution, we don’t believe in compromises. Our parametric planning process enables precision levels down to one tenth of a millimeter.

Preemptive Problem Solving

Thanks to 3D modeling, we can identify and resolve problems at the planning phase – long before production even starts.

CNC Premanufacturing

CNC-driven premanufacturing of all project deliverables enables us to realize highly complex shapes, functions and designs.

Time Efficiencies

We deliver premanufactured parts just in time to construction sites. This dramatically accelerates execution timelines, streamlines construction site logistics and minimizes noise and dirt levels.

Outstanding Quality

All project deliverables are premanufactured and pre-assembled under controlled conditions for quality excellence.