Creating Unique Spaces



Creating Unique Spaces


The perfect Production Partner

CORA builds on decades of experience in the interior manufacturing business to deliver outstanding results. For us, every new project is a unique challenge to master the impossible. The CORA team has proven its excellence at every step of the process – from manufacturing and materials through technical solutions to communication and global logistics. We continually strive to exceed expectations. This commitment inspires us to create excellent, individual solutions for our customers, every time. We firmly believe that direct dialog with customers leads to the best results. This strong customer engagement empowers us to create unique and highly personal works of art.

Our Mission

Precision and Quality

We create exclusive interior designs that set new quality benchmarks while mirroring our customers' every desire. Every room is transformed into a work of art that expresses the personality of each customer. We embrace challenging stylistic details, esthetic features and premium materials in our drive to create exquisitely luxurious interior designs.

Making it Real

We bring our plans to life at a very early phase in our projects using photorealistic 3D images, animated clips, and virtual reality technologies. These digital technologies give customers, designers, architects and skilled craftspeople an extremely realistic impression of each individual room with all of its luxurious details. This means that designs and plans can be checked at any time during the project lifecycle – from the early blueprinting stage to the final assembly steps. Every new project is a challenge, mastered through individualized planning and execution excellence. Our team uses the latest technologies to create unique works of art tailored exactly to the needs and personalities of our customers.

Transparent Process

With every project, we collaborate closely with customers and designers to create living spaces that are harmoniously balanced, lavishly comfortable and esthetically inspiring. Our spirit of partnership is defined by flexibility – every step of the way from planning and execution through to coordination and logistics. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can anticipate typical problems and resolve them at a very early stage in the project. In short, we’re prepared for almost every eventuality. This transparency makes life easier for all project stakeholders and gives designers the creative space they need to deliver outstanding results.

Reliable Logistics

Long-standing experience, a proven track record and detailed planning methodologies make CORA an extremely reliable partner, renowned for its ability to deliver on time, every time. We organize the transport of all components to anywhere in the world, even the most remote regions. All products are carefully packed in the sequence in which they are required and then shipped. This makes the subsequent on-site assembly process much easier and quicker.

The Heads of CORA

Andreas Konle Partner and Managing Director
Dipl.-Oec. and Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Before joining CORA, Andreas Konle was a member of the board and partner at Grob Aircraft AG, a global manufacturer of military training aircraft, where his main responsibilities included global supply chains, logistics and the company’s entire IT infrastructure.

"When I met Laurent und Torben, I was inspired by their work and their passion for quality. However, I was also surprised at how little impact digitalization had had on the architecture sector. The situation is very different in the aviation industry. After spending many years on the management board of an aircraft manufacturer, I know just how crucial 3D CAD models, CNC production and global premanufacturing processes are to the industry. In my view, there’s no reason why end-to-end digital processes can’t also be established throughout the construction sector to raise quality and efficiency levels. Other cutting-edge processes such as parametric modeling could also unlock vast design potential that would have been inconceivable before."

Laurent Brückner Partner and Managing Director
Architect and member of the German Association of Architects

Headed and coordinated by company owner and managing director Laurent Brückner, the team at architecture firm Brückner Architekten GmbH specializes in all areas of modern architecture and innovative interior design.

"The success of architecture and project execution is often down to attention to detail. Establishing the right planning and construction process is critical. The latter in particular has evolved very little over the past one hundred years. Other industries are light years ahead of the construction sector in terms of technology. We spend far too much time trying to resolve problems that arise from poorly planned workflows. The technologies for end-to-end digital process flows in construction already exist, we just have to use them. But if we want digital technology to penetrate the construction sector, all players have to be on board."

Torben Hansen Partner

As the founder, owner and managing director of the company Schotten & Hansen GmbH, Torben Hansen has enjoyed worldwide acclaim as an innovator, visionary and radical thinker in the field of high-quality interior design for many years.

"Throughout my career, I’ve always been fascinated and inspired by different materials, wood in particular, and the possibilities they offer us in the field of interior design. But I'm also driven by the desire to work with the best of the best, use cutting-edge technologies, and constantly master new challenges. I’ve always questioned traditional methods and processes in my quest for alternative paths, so we can bring a fuller, more sensory experience to our customers and exceed their expectations. It's always worth taking a closer look. This is what sets us apart. And it's also what defines the CORA team and its partners."

Bernhard Heinloth Partner

As CEO of the company Schotten & Hansen GmbH, Bernhard Heinloth has full operational responsibility. He has many years of experience in delivering complex, highly exclusive interior design projects the world over.

"At Schotten & Hansen GmbH, we manage challenging interior design projects every day. As CEO, I have experienced and learned the importance of teamwork if you want to deliver the highest possible levels of perfection. Professionalism across different skilled trades calls above all for a perfect team that works well together and is equipped with the right tools. At CORA, we bring top players together through our shareholder and partner network – all devoted to the aim of realizing design excellence based on a solid preplanning process across all trades, coupled with optimized premanufacturing and logistics workflows."

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